1350 E Livingston Ave.

Powell, OH

Columbus, OH

Nathan Varney

I’ve always been into art and drawing. I was the kid in class drawing and not paying attention to the teachers. I’ve always liked tattoos and thought they looked cool, but never really thought I would do it for a living. In 2009 I was unemployed and bored so I figured I’d give the whole tattooing a shot, so I got an apprenticeship at Time Bomb Ink in Findlay, Ohio. I did my very first tattoo on Feb, 23rd 2010 and fell in love! Since then I’ve been pushing myself to get better and better. I’m not the best and I have a ways to go, but I try to keep it fly for a white guy. I wouldn’t say I have any certain style I’m best at, I try to be well rounded in all styles. I feel it’s important for me to dabble in all styles so that when a client comes to me with any needs, I can knock it out! I do enjoy realism a lot, it’s hard and takes a lot of focus. I enjoy a challenge!